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If you love to quilt but don’t want to spend alot of money, here’s some ideas to help you with your hobby.

Swap material.  My grandmother has quilted most of her life – and she is 90!  She has always surrounded herself with others who love to quilt.  When they finish a quilt, they swap their excess materials with other quilters.  When I began to dabble in quilting, I inherited several rubbermaid totes of fabric to get me started.

Quilting Tips

Shop the clearance/scrap rooms in the quilt stores.  When my daughter was born, I wanted to make her a quilt in rainbow pastels.  Instead of buying a yard of each color, I checked out the back room of the local material store in my in-laws home town.  They had bolts of material they were selling on clearance that cost less than $1 a yard!

Reuse quality clothes.  When my neice outgrew some of her baby clothes, my sister saved some of the material and turned it into a keepsake quilt to decorate her room.   I have quilts that have pieces of material from my parent’s and grandparent’s clothes when they were growing up.  These are treasured family heirlooms.  ***Just fyi…. My grandmother has reminded me several times that I shouldn’t use worn out pieces of material to make a quilt.  If the fabric is already getting worn out, the quilt you spend months on will not last.

Join a local quilting guild.  If you are local – The Pieceful Hearts Quilting Guild in Lincoln County meets at the Lincoln County Extension Office once a month.  (They have a morning and an evening class).  This gives you access to many other quilters who can share ideas, material, patterns and skills.  The charge to meet with this group?  Only $12 a year!  They also offer special classes and workshops throughout the year.  Contact Rita Stewart for details and information!

Do you love to quilt?  Are there other ways to save money and pursue this hobby?  I’d love to hear and share your tips!


Here’s a gift idea for the quilter in your life!

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